Namibia Scientific Society

Namibia Scientific Society - a venerable, but current institution

  Already in 1925 a group of dedicated people of the south west African society with its different European background and languages founded an institution which should fill the scientific vacuum in the country. At the same time working groups formed gradually to debate topics with reference to botany, herpetology, archeology, ornithology, astronomy and other topics, exchange research data and results or have these put to paper and published. In those early years there were no "official" institutions as for example the University of Namibia. Thus pioneer work was done in various fields. At the same time the Scientific Society began building a library, which now hosts well over ten thousand books, most of them bearing reference to Namibia. Countless other publications, magazines, newspaper clippings, slides and photos were kept and are accessible to members and public. For nearly 90 years the company has survived as an independent, non-profitable and non-governmental entity through tough times facing lack of financial resources, the chaos of wars and political changes, driven solely by a growing number of members locally and abroad, among which were - thankfully - also some generous donors. A scientific society in present-day Namibia? The society always wanted and still wants to provide a platform of exchange and information to local and foreign scientists, scientifically interested layman, students and tourists. Its focus is on the distribution and promotion of science and research with reference to Namibia as well as the preservation of the national heritage. Nowadays the Scientific Society is an important port of call for international scientists, as it interlinks with relevant foundations, institutions and companies and coordinates contacts and networks. It offers Namibian researchers an ideal information platform, especially for students of various faculties. Lectures, public presentations, excursions and book launches are offered on a regular base and according to demand, and cultural heritage of Namibia is honored and maintained  by - last but not least - the Kuiseb Publisher which  takes care of country-related scientific and historical writings and books. Thus the Scientific Society facilitates SCIENCE FOR SOCIETY - because KNOWLEDGE EMPOWERS AND CONNECTs! Evening lectures are open for public and EVERYONE who is interested can attend, become a member, visit the  library, participate in field trips, give input and contribute ideas. Furthermore, the scientific world cannot claim exclusive ownership of the Namibia Scientific Society. Obviously membership is open to members of all cultural groups and not limited because of age. Distribution of knowledge and maintaining and developing valuable cultural heritage is associated with high costs, which is a considerable burden on the financial budget of the Society.  To achieve a more solid financial basis, the Board decided to expand the activities of the publishing department in order to introduce new publications to the Namibian book market. At the same time upgrading the library are high priority. Detailed information about books published and offered by the Namibia Scientific Society may be obtained by means of our website For convenience publications can also be ordered from Namibiana Book Depot in Delmenhorst-Germany ( Should you want to know more you are most welcome to visit us! Our dynamic team will be happy to provide information and show you the library. And once you are convinced that this is a local multicultural social platform for intellectual exchange you may want to become a member. Thus you will receive information about upcoming lectures and excursions, as well as receive the biannual "Newsletter" and the “Scientific Journal" free of charge. Members can also buy books at special rates. And you will certainly enjoy being part of an educated intellectual group of committed members. Our Team: Waltraut Fritzsche   C.E.O. Annegret Enengl Librarian Armin Jagdhuber Head of Library Ruth Lowe Reception and Bookkeeping Elfi Schneider Personal Assistent to CEO Isdor Kamati        Librarian Gunter E. von Schumann Librarian Rosalia Kalola Assistent
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